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Beta 1.5

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About Me

OK, this is a little too dry, not really "me". Also, largely copied from my resume. Want to see my resume? Click the Contact button above! Not putting my personal info up for just anyone to download! But yeah, I'm going to rewrite this soon.

Now read on...

With many years in the graphic design field, including 7 years managing and art directing graphics departments and 3 years teaching, I am comfortable in both management and non-supervisorial positions. My graphics experience covers all aspects of print and web design. I can assume a supporting roll within a team or be a one-man department. My art direction experience gives me the project management skills to ensure results in a timely manner. Extensive interaction with sales, marketing, programming and dev teams allows me to understand the larger overall scope and expectations of every project.

I started my last job as a production artist, transitioning into Web and print design, and eventually management. As a production artist/graphic designer I produced high volumes of banner ads, photo galleries (including cropping, retouching and watermarking), web page designs, and daily updates on existing sites.

As Graphic Design Manager, I supervised a staff of 9 designers. My duties included project management, art direction, scheduling, establishing production standards and procedures, hiring, and occasional design projects as time allowed. I excelled in organization and developing and refining a collective vision. Under my direction the graphics department produced high volume yet quality work, with efficient use of resources and in a timely manner. Regular monthly department output included 4 DVD packages, 4 magazine ads, and updates, galleries and banners for 85+ sites (rotating daily updates). Additional projects included trade show graphics (brochures, banners, booth panels- 4-6 shows/year), special promo pieces, new site design and production, additional magazine pages, and much more.

I am currently employed with an advertising/affiliate marketing agency designing content and search sites, banner ads, etc.

About This Portfolio

This portfolio is a "work-in-progress" (code for unfinished), hence the "Beta" status. It was originally built in small bits over a month in 2010, in several all-night San Diego coffee shops. While living in a car. Yes, a true recession story

The development began mostly as a refresher in site design and JavaScript. The multiple sliders can be done so much easier now with jQuery, but whatever, I needed the practice. Since my design career had years before transitioned into management- art direction, web project management, etc., it had been a while. Probably the biggest factor was really the complete lack of such jobs due to the recession, and the necessity of returning to my roots. Well, at least to what few design jobs were actually available.

There is a noticeable lack of design samples from my last job. Though I started as a web designer, and still did print projects even as a manager, I really wasn't thinking about maintaining a design portfolio, so kept very few samples. It no longer seemed immediately relevant. Oh yeah, it was also an adult entertainment company. No plans to show any of that anyway.

Backups, you say? Every company keeps backups! Of course, that would require cooperation from said company to retrieve them…